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Innovative Bin Level Indicator
Material sensors are designed for controlling and monitoring
dry bulk material storage bins, hoppers, tanks.  It is used as
plug up detectors in chutes and conveyors.  Typical
applications include sawdust, bark, wood chips, grains,
aggregates, and coal.
How it Works
The Swinging Paddle bin level indicator is a totally new,
patented concept in bulk material sensors.  Instead of rotating
through a full 360 degrees as is the case with a rotary type unit,
the paddle moves 30 degrees either side of a vertical position.  
When material blocks the movement of the paddle, an output
switch is activated and the motor is shut off.  This simple but
effective design has major advantages over existing bin level
Hensortech LLC
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  • Immune to Shear Forces
  • Install in Bin Wall at Any Level
  • Drop in Replacement of Rotary Units
  • Install in Material Flow
  • No Protective Shield Required
  • Not Affected by Stringy or Sticky Material
  • Very Easy Installation
  • Quick Removal and Replacement
  • Shaft and Bearing is Stainless Steel
  • Powder Coat Finish on Enclosure
  • Local Indication of Operating Status
Swinging Paddle Material Sensor
SPM Series